Influenced by a diverse body of art and popular movements Gibson's work fuses immersive art, electronica, gaming, montage and post-minimalism. He works in a range of media, from live electronic music to full-scale virtual reality installation.

VRITUAL AV (2022-24)

VRitual AV uses the Leap Motion 3D controller, as well as a multi-touch iPad interface to enable small-area gestural control of audio-visuals. The performer can move his or her hands to perform and mix music, lights and visuals in real-time with relative precision. The ultimate in tactile audio-visual interfaces!


Edited by Steve Gibson, Stefan Arisona, Donna Leishman and Atau Tanaka. Live Visuals is both an overarching history of real-time visuals and audio-visual art and a crucial source for understanding the various theories about audio-visual synchronization.


Opto-Phono-Kinesia (OPK) is a body-based audio-visual performance piece. The title is a play on the possible synaesthetic state involving connections between vision, sound and body motion. This synaesthetic intersection is simulated in OPK by simultaneity of body movement, and audio-visual result.

VIRTUAL VJ (2011-13)

Virtual VJ employs motion tracking technology in order to allow participants to use space as an audio and video performance tool. Virtual VJ unites the role of the DJ and VJ into one interface, enabling users to control different aspects of the sound and video environment with their movements.

DJ NORD (2010- )

DJ Nord is a Canadian DJ/VJ. His DJ sets are eclectic, merging many different styles of electronic music including hard techno, electro, progressive house and experimental electronica. From 2011-15 he hosted a radio show on Culture Lab Radio Newcastle


Mount the Borgcycle™ and suddenly you are riding through a 3D recreation of a desert city. Choose between the roles of an insurgent, an invader or an onlooker. Change sides if you feel the urge! Ride through the chaos and join in on the hunt for the main targets: George Bush, Tony Blair, Donald Trump, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il (among others).


A pop explosion of electronic music, hallucinogenic video and free improvisation came to Victoria on Sat. Oct. 21st 2006 and it came again to Digital Art Weeks in Zurich, Switzerland on Sat. July 14th, 2007., and then it travelled to China, Chicago, San Francisco, Singapore and many other places


"When Ghosts Will Die", a performance-installation that utilizes multi-sensory elements such as sound, video, light, and text controlled by motion-tracking technology, tells the story about the dangers of nuclear proliferation. Inspired by the play, "Copenhagen", by Michael Frayn, it explores the use of non-linguistic elements in the service of making poetry and telling stories.

VIRTUAL DJ (2002-05)

VIRTUAL DJ uses the tracking capabilities of the Gesture and Media System to allow one or more users to use space as an audio remix or performance tool. Users literally wave their arms, and as if by magic new audio loops are accessed, synthesizer filters are opened, samples are played, and drum loops are started. Simultaneously robot lights follow the users, dynamically changing in relation to their position and the audio.

CONTACT (2004)

CONTACT: YOU AND I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT AT THE END OF THE WORLD is a collaborative event with live electronic music by Steve Gibson, images by Randy Adams, and real-time interactive programming by Gibson and Jim Andrews. Crossing the boundaries between performance, technological innovation and cultural politics, CONTACT simultaneously inhabits the space of critical resistance and artistic endeavour.

TELEBODY (1998-2000)

TELEBODY is conceived as a large-scale piece for two music and video "performers." Using digital music instruments, the players have real-time control over an audio environment and images of two entire bodies.

The central theme of TELEBODY revolves around man-machine relations, and more specifically the man-machine interface and the human body.


The Bride Stripped Bare was a band and a phenomenon that was definitely ahead of its time. Mixing post-punk, noise, synthpop, and prog rock seemed natural enough to us, but in an era of stricter styles than today, this was certainly not the norm. Throw in a perverse sense of humour, "whiny, nasty vocals" and mixed-media elements (including 16 mm film) and there was definitely something unique about the band.